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Fujitsu brings you the Future of Work with our Modern Workspace. Designed for small to medium businesses, we have the full range of support services to mobilise and empower your workforce, allowing your team to work whenever, wherever and however they like whilst ensuring the security of your data, identity, and devices.


Choose your preferred device with Windows 10, Office 365, Enhanced Security and Fujitsu's Value-Added Support

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Do you have all the information you need to migrate to Windows 10? Whether upgrading your current portfolio or choosing amazing new devices, Fujitsu provides all you need for a secure and modern workplace. Fujitsu has a wealth of experience to  help you achieve a seamless technology migration. Professional Fujitsu devices combined with the new versatile Windows 10 operating system offer the perfect match for a human-centric workplace. Proven business features complemented with new technologies bring efficiency to your fingertips.


With three designs to select from and a full managed service behind it, we can ensure you have a modern device designed with the end user in mind.


    OFFICE 365


    Give all your team access to their data on any device, anytime, anywhere, so they can collaborate better and be more productive. Our Office 365 Productivity Services help you get the most out of your Office 365 subscription. A range of support services enable your staff  to get the most out of their day by getting to their data when and where they need it.


    Fujitsu Office 365 Productivity Services offer cost effective collaboration, messaging, email and calendar and Office web apps based on the public cloud. We also offer solutions for customers with private and hybrid clouds using Fujitsu’s Productivity Suite.




    Do you want peace of mind knowing that no matter where your employees are working from, their data, device and identity are protected? Our Cloud Identity and Security services range from identity management to threat and information protection, and are designed so they just work.


    Your staff don’t need  to think about what to do, using biometrics and always-on access they can just work safe in the knowledge their data is secure. 




    With Fujitsu’s Device Lifecycle Service, we provision and support your end user devices all the way through their lifecycle from procurement to secure disposal. Let us give you back some of your precious time by handling your device management. Device lifecycle services from Fujitsu is a fully managed end-to-end service that gives you full control over your wide-ranging, widespread device infrastructure. It helps you standardise and facilitate the management of all your main device platforms.

    With choices of desktops, laptops and tablets and different refresh terms, this flexible service will meet all your needs.


    Fujitsu’s Modern Workspace for SMB provides full support for our customers including:

    • 24 x 7 support via a First level service desk;

    • On-site and/or remote support options;

    • Standardised, automated reporting; and

    • Monthly invoicing including licensing flexibility 


    Fujitsu is here to listen to your business needs and requirements. 

    Contact us to see how we can co-create the right solution with you.


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    Fujitsu and Microsoft make the future of working a reality.

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